Current research

The history of the myth of the county of Strijen, as told to the council of Strijen, 2006. (In Dutch only)

Medieval salt production in and around Zeeland:
analysis of the process and if the damage to the landscape (without footnotes).
Do you want also the notes? Download the version of June 3, 2010 with the complete text in Dutch! The saltproduction scheme is
: sheet2.gif For pictures of the 1540 painting of saltproduction, on show in the townhall of Zierikzee: Zierik1.jpg (complete) and zierik2.jpg, zierik3.jpg, zierik4.jpg for details.


Files cited contain texts on historical-geographical subjects. You are kindly invited to send me comments.

The genesis of the landscape of the Hoekse Waard. (Dutch text only).

Boxtel Development of the village centre in the shadow of an old castle. (Dutch text only).

History of barbed wire in the Kempen and Amerika.(in English only)

Princenhage 800 jaar (Dutch text only)

From Turnhoutervoorde to Strienemonde. Reclaimation- and settlement-history of the northwestern part of the Meuse - Sceldt - Demer region. 400 - 1350. An attempt of a synthesis.
(Summary) (Samenvatting) (Résumé)

Landscape history of the Gastels Laag
Dutch text (48 KB) English text (18 KB)

The historical geography of Oirschot in a birds view. Result of a "fast" exploration of the historical geography of Oirschot and Best, two villages in the Dutch province of North-Brabant.
Dutch text (67 KB)

First plan for a survey of settlement-names and important other names in Oirschot and Best.
Dutch text (75 KB)

The cultural landscape of Schijndel, a village in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant. A study of details.
Summary in Dutch

Die Brabanter Torfkanäle als fossiles Verkehrssystems aus der Zeit des spätmittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit.
Tekste (Deutsch, 33 KB) Summary

Peatcanals in Brabant, 1264 - 1743.

Landscape-change, rural industry and tax-policies in the eastern part of the province North-Brabant, The Netherlands (18th century).
Text (English, 23 KB)

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum L.) in historical perspective.

Lost Peatlands. Research of the situation and exploitation of now disapreared peatlands in the area between Antwerpen, Turnhout, Geertruidenberg and Willemstad. 1250-1750.

The Antwerp Polder in the late Medieval Period

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