Leenders, K.A.H.W..
Hoe diep is Holland gezonken?
IN: Beenakker, J.J.J.M., F.H. Horsten, A.M.J. de Kraker, H. Renes (red.). Landschap in ruimte en tijd. Amsterdam (Aksant), 2007, 234, 235, 241 -251.

How much peat disappeared in Holland?

Using digital data about the level of the lands in a central part of Holland, an estimate is derived for the volume of peat that disappeared in this region during the last 1000 years. Using the Dutch reference level ('Zero NAP') as supposed top level of the peat, this volume is about 5.3 x 109 cubic meters. Supposing a top level of 1.0 meter + NAP, enlarges this volume by another 2.2 x 109 cubic meters. Also a simple model with two big raised peat bogs, as indicated by historical geography, was used for an estimate, giving 6.4 x 109 cubic meters. This huge volume of peat was lost by drainage, oxidation of the drained peat, or cut away or dredged for the production of fuel for fireplace and industry.