Leenders, K.A.H.W.. Noord-Vlaanderen en de Noordwesthoek: een vergelijking. Tijdschrift voor Waterstaatsgeschiedenis 5 (1996) 67 - 73. (1996n)


In the last 10 years new studies about now vanished peat areas in Flanders and Brabant were published by Augustijn and Leenders. In those peatlands the anthropogene factor in the landscape history has been very strong. The question is then whether only peatdigging (for turf or saltmaking) or also or even predominantly agrarian use was an important sub-factor. Furthermore it is interesting to know to which extent medieval people could forsee the consequencies of their activities. See map. After a comparision of the history of the peatlands in Flanders, Brabant and the south of Holland, an attempt is made to answer these questions.

Version June 7th, 2005.