Administrative changes

in the division of The Netherlands

into local communities

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The Netherlands are divided into 12 provinces and about 500 municipalities called gemeenten. Since 1815 the number of gemeenten has declined, first slowly but much faster in recent years, due to an ongoing reorganisation. On these pages you find information about this aspect of the history of the gemeenten: combinations, annexation of parts of gemeenten, creations or abolishments, changes in names etc.On the site of METATOPOS  you find an extensive explanation about placenames and other names in the Netherlands. Also lists of names are available there.

Two lists give access to the data:

By clicking on a name, information about that gemeente appears, including the names of related gemeenten. You can follow the names as links through the data.

As the data are presented in Dutch, this list with translations can be useful.


Version: March 30th, 2008.